Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 ways my life has changed since giving birth

While I was pregnant, I knew my life would change with the birth of my son. I knew I would be tired. I knew Jeff and I would face new hardships in our relationship. I knew I would love the new little human being living in our house. But I didn’t REALLY know.

As I sit here strapped to my breast pump conveniently using my hands-free pumping bra with baby Michael and all three dogs napping next to me, I ponder what else has changed in my life the last month.

1. Changing a poopy diaper is a celebratory event, sometimes requiring a song and dance.

2. Mealtime is alike to training for a speed-eating contest.

3. Coconut oil used to be for cooking. Now it’s for rubbing on sore nipples and baby bums.

4. Forgetting my boob is out for all to see is now a daily occurrence…and I don’t care who sees.

5. I am quickly mastering the art of prepping dinner with one hand and holding the baby in the other.

6. A really good day involves shaving my legs…both of them…the calf and the thigh.

7. Thanks to my breast pump, I have a new respect for dairy cows.

8. Due to late night feedings, I have so much extra time to read online parenting forums and feel like a bad mom.

9. Putting on the baby’s clothes is like a wrestling match and is considered a daily form of exercise.

10. Finally, I could have never been prepared for the full body love explosion that comes with being a mom. Every day is a new adventure, but even on the hardest days looking at his sweet little face brings joy to my heart.